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BRIEF: Friends of Compassion meeting to feature SpokaneFAVS and Fig Tree

Next week the Friends of Compassion meeting, titled, "Good News about Good Works and Good People: Is Compassion Contagious?" will highlight The Fig Tree Editor Mary Stamp and Spokane Faith & Values Editor Tracy Simmons.

Spokane Faith & Values top stories of 2013

This has been a good year. In 2013 Spokane Faith & Values saw tremendous growth — more writers, traffic, dialogue, content, attention and a budding “community within a community,” as one reader put it.

Faith Feast: together experiencing interfaith Spokane

On Sunday Spokane Faith & Values celebrated its first anniversary with a successful progressive interfaith dinner.

With the help of nine volunteers, 21 guests were able to experience the Spokane Islamic Center, the Sikh Gudwara of Spokane and Millwood Community Presbyterian Church.

Faith Feast: Experience the Sikhs

Join us for a vegetarian meal during Fatih Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner this Sunday. We'll have halal appetizers at the Spokane Islamic Center, then entrees at the Sikh Temple, then dessert at Millwood Community Presbyterian Church.

An invitation to join us at the table, help build an interfaith community in Spokane

I think Samuel Pepys 17th century words will ring true in Spokane on April 21. He said, “Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.” That evening we'll come together for Faith Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner.

Thanks for a great April Coffee Talk!

On Saturday Spokane Faith & Values held its fourth Coffee Talk, this time at Revel 77 Coffee.

A big thanks to those who showed up — 32 people — including the four panelists, the Rev. Jim CastroLang, Skyler Oberst, Dr. Pearce Fujiura and Annie May Brown.

Presenting Faith Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner

In keeping with its mission to increase interfaith dialogue in the area, SpokaneFaithandValues.com will celebrate its first anniversary with Faith Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner.
The meal will be from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 21.

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