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Parties canceled. Celebrations toned down. Hanukkah won’t be the same this year.

Hanukkah, a joyous Jewish holiday, which in the United States has often tried to rival Christmas in buoyancy if not glamour, will not be the same this year. With the Israeli military in the midst of a destructive showdown in its war with Hamas, few are in the mood to celebrate the holiday that begins at sundown Thursday.

The Hamas Attack on Israel: A Reaction and How You Can Help

On Shabbat and during a Jewish holiday, Hamas attacked — brutally killing hundreds and kidnapping families from their homes.

Ask a Jew: What Is Rosh Hashanah and How Is It Celebrated?

What exactly is Rosh Hashanah and how is it celebrated or observed?

Ask A Jew: What are the most important rituals in the lifetime of a Jew?

Rituals and traditions are very important in Judaism. They connect us to our past, our people, our laws, and our belief.

An Interfaith-Intercultural Experience in Spokane

I stood on the stage during prayers with my eyes closed. I felt spirit wash over me, recognizing these prayers would ultimately move around the world as Jews in different time zones celebrated Shabbat.

Interfaith community shows they stand with Temple Beth Shalom

People of all faiths swarmed into Temple Beth Shalom Friday night to show the Jewish community that they stand with them in staring down the evils of anti-semitism.

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