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Unpacking the Election

While the midterm election results seem to show a majority of Americans are tired of his madness and the extremism he both articulates and attracts, the fact is former President Donald Trump could well win the 2024 presidential election.

Survey Gives Insight Into Current American Values

A survey released today by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that most Americans agree health care and terrorism are political issues that need immediate attention.

Republican candidates appeal to religious conservatives

A half-dozen Republican presidential candidates hit all the hot buttons Sunday (Oct. 18) while speaking to an influential audience: Religious conservatives,

The GOP Candidates Searching for the Golden Ticket

When John McCain commented on Donald Trump’s Mexican rhetoric and then there was a subsequent rise in the polls due to “stirring up the crazies,” Mr. Trump responded by questioning McCain’s real heroism as a POW in Vietnam

GOP candidates dial up evangelical fears at Iowa forum

Republican presidential hopefuls in Iowa and elsewhere have recently begun sounding a call to arms to Christian conservatives, describing what they say is an urgent threat to religious liberty.

4 reasons why Republicans are rekindling evangelical outreach

Do Republicans have an evangelical problem in a party that’s been both derided and heralded as God’s Official Party?

The vast majority of evangelicals have voted with the GOP in recent elections. In fact, despite some qualms about his Mormon faith, 79 percent of evangelicals voted for Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012, the same percentage that voted for President George W. Bush in 2004.

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