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Racial Reparations: Faith Communities and Political Action

In their infamous booklet "Southern Slavery as It Was," Doug Wilson of Moscow Idaho, and Steve Wilkins wrote: “There has never been a multi-racial society which has existed with such mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world.” The clear implication of this statement (yet to be retracted) is that Americans owe nothing to the descendants of these happy plantation workers.

FāVS on Spokane Public Radio: One View of Reparations

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, FāVS Columnist Mark Azzara, who recently penned, "Reparations? Yes, for all!" shares his view on the debate about reparations.

Reparations? Yes, for all!

Don't forget any of America's many victims

If Germany atoned for the Holocaust, the US can pay reparations for slavery

Slavery is not so far removed. Anderson and Minerva Edwards met in the 1860s as enslaved...

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