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Selfless, Intentional Love Teaches Me to ‘Abstain from Taking What Is not Given’

Last year my partner and I bought a house together and for the past nine months have been crossing DIY improvement projects off our list. Doing these projects together is helping us grow as a couple, and I’m grateful, but there’s one task that puts me in a bad mood without fail — painting. I’d rather get a root canal.

Love and Marriage: It’s Never Too Late

Only a hopeless, clueless, pie-eyed romantic could go through four marriages without learning something of value.

Grampa has learned his place

My granddaughter isn't 6 anymore; she's 16, which means our relationship must change.

The political divide is breaking God’s heart

Amidst political divide, a mutual animosity towards each other will not hold the United States together as one community

Father Knows Best: Relationships, commitment and freedom

And both partners make vows via which they choose to surrender that freedom: when a couple stands at the altar before God and friends and family, part of what they are declaring to one another is: I can leave. But I won’t.

Father Knows Best: Best Relationship Advice

Be on guard against the expectation that your partner is a mind reader.

Marriage and the wayward heart of a spouse

Scripture is clear that love is a life shaking, shaping, framing reality that can open graves and lay waste the cosmos in recreative power.

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