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Anthea Butler exposes racism in white evangelicalism in recent book

In “White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America,” Butler packs a historical punch in this short, but mighty, 150-page book with erudite and efficient language. In it, she carefully, and for the most part, fairly, exposes the racist root of what is mostly known as American Christianity today.

“Finding Our Place in the Inland Northwest” documentary and discussion begins Sept. 8

Starting Sept. 8, “Finding Our Place in the Inland Northwest” — a new six-session documentary and discussion series — kicks off at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Organized through a partnership between the Human Rights Education Institute, Museum of North Idaho and the church, the series is intended to create opportunities for thoughtful small group public discussions about realities, challenges and opportunities that are part of life in the Inland Northwest.

Racial Understanding in Fits and Starts

Nearly 250 years after the founding, issues of race remain our dominant social and political narrative.

Upcoming Event Examines Racism, White Supremacy

With the threat of racism and white supremacy affecting the country nationally and locally, the upcoming virtual Chertok Lecture Series intends to help students at Eastern Washington University and community members learn more about this pressing issue.

Humility, Courage and Confronting Racism

When it comes to the hot and hostile topic of racism, how can I talk so another person will listen? Maybe more importantly, how can I listen so another person will talk?

The New Normal

There needs to be a New Normal in race relations.

The virus of racism

The world as we know it has in many ways stayed the same when it comes to the virus of racism.

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