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In Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Tennessee, Children Are Safer in the Womb than in School

It happened again. This time seven people were killed, three of them 9-year-old children.

The Leak

Most American women, born in the post-Roe world, will now face a reality that sent their mothers and grandmothers to illegal abortion providers before the 1973 court decision.

The Abortion Case: Is Precedent a Faith and Values Issue?

Monday’s Supreme Court abortion case, June Medical Services v Russo, turned on a different issue: precedent. Is precedent also a faith and values issue?

How To Be Pro-Life

Here are several ways to be pro-life that are not anti-choice.

Can a Christian Be Pro-Choice?

So, how do pro-choice Christians understand personhood differently than pro-life Christians who advocate that the fetus’ personhood begins at conception or when the egg is fertilized by the sperm?

Why We Need A New Pro-Life Movement

The problem that I have with the pro-life movement in its current state is that it has become obsessed with legally compelling women to give birth, when this seems like a poor reduction of what the pro-life movement should be.

Advocating, Life, Choice and Realistic Solutions

This is a point that polarizes both pro-life and pro-choice advocates and keeps them staunchly at odds, incapable of being able to move forward in finding any semblance of common ground to address the true complexities of the issue.

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