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“Wonderfully Made” Calls People to Love LGBTQ Community in New, Locally-Produced Documentary this Pride Month

An Uncovered production by Nichole Mischke Media, this two-hour journey tells the stories of mothers of gay children, self-identifying LGBTQ individuals, a clinical psychologist and an evangelical pastor of an LGBTQ-affirming church.

Gay Pride isn’t a sign of the End Times

My friend and other Christians hold this belief – that the increased prevalence of gay pride is a sign of the End Times – but it is a misconception.

Homosexuality isn’t a disease to be treated

In anticipation of the Spokane Pride Parade next month, I would like to address a misconception that I have encountered in my church.

Interfaith pride worship service scheduled for June 7

The 2nd Annual Interfaith Pride Worship Service will be held at 7pm on Wednesday June 7, at the McGinnity Room, Spokane. OutSpokane will host the service, with clergy of various faiths participating. Everyone is welcome to attend.

At Interfaith Pride Service Clergy Speak On Journey from Silence to Celebration

At the 2016 Spokane PRIDE Interfaith Worship Service, held at the Spark Center, eight clergy from six different traditions — United Church of Christ, Jewish, New Thought, Unity, Buddhist and Disciples of Christ— spoke about this year’s Pride theme: From Silence to Celebration.

Message of Hope in Planning LGBT Pride Service

Working with Jewish, New Thought, Buddhist, and other Christian clergy, we are attempting to put together a worship service so that Spokane's LGBTQ+ folk will feel celebrated and affirmed.

Faith Communities Present at Spokane’s 2015 Pride

Spokane’s 24th Annual Pride Parade and Rainbow Festival showed an increase in representation of local faith communities, all of which, except for the Spokane Street Preachers (SSP), were open and affirming congregations and were present to participate in the celebration.

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