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Returning Indigenous Objects: If You Steal Something, Give It Back

For generations, Indigenous people have been asking for objects taken during colonization of their traditional homelands to be returned. Some of the objects are sacred, but also many items are human remains.

At online symposium, Pope Francis says religions can eradicate sexual abuse together

After decades of child sexual abuse scandals, the Catholic Church is ready to share its successes — and failures — with other religious and lay institutions.

Ask A Catholic: Who Do You Think The Next Pope Will Be?

Whenever you hear someone predict who the next pope will be, usually that simply reveals who the one predicting hopes the next pope will be.

Pope Francis helps a small trans community financially struggling due to the pandemic

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Last week, Pope Francis supported a small transgender community near Rome, some of whose members have been struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As Amazon synod closes, bishops ask the Pope to allow some married priests

The most contested sections were the ones concerning the roles of the female diaconate (30 votes against), the viri probati — a discussion of ordaining married “men of proven virtue” to the priesthood — (41 votes against) and the creation of an Amazonian rite (29 votes against), each of which saw a larger number of the episcopacy voting against them.

The Catholic Church is tightening rules on reporting sexual abuse – but not swearing off its legal privilege to keep secrets

Pope Francis’ proposal is an effort to address gaps in the regulatory process of the church, which has been accused of shielding clergy sexual abuse. It provides a process to report allegations up the pipeline.

Vote Yes on The Laudato Si Initiative

As a Catholic, my religious values call me to be a strong supporter of Initiative 1631, the “Clean Air, Clean Energy” measure on November’s ballot.

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