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Israel’s Hard Right Turn Compromises Democracy

To secure his sixth turn as prime minister, Netanyahu has forged a coalition with Israel’s most extreme political and religious interests. His retainers support settlement expansion on the West Bank further aggravating relations with Israeli Palestinians and prompting new violence.

US Governors’ Recent Immigration Political Stunts Are ‘Outrageous’

It is an outrageous political stunt. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis chartering planes to fly immigrants who had just crossed the U.S. border from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard and other locations described as “sanctuary states.”

Ukrainian Orthodox primate: ‘We are called to stop this evil’

The leader of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, portrayed Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill as a politician dressed in fine vestments and a gem-studded miter of a churchman.

How Black people and Jews are bound together in ‘great replacement’ theory

The man authorities say opened fire in a Buffalo grocery store Saturday (May 14), killing 10 mostly Black shoppers, was an avowed white supremacist. But his agenda went far beyond Blacks.

Viewpoints: Religious leaders and politics

This week we're asking a question about faith leaders and their role in politics. To what extent should religious leaders be involved in politics?

The church should stand on political issues

However, the church, not only can, it should, take a stand on political issues: Civil rights, discrimination, how we treat the poor, homeless an hungry, and many other issues.

Political turmoil is a ‘cancer’ on US society says Cupich

The morning after a Chicago rally for Donald Trump was canceled over fears of violence, the city’s Catholic archbishop warned that “enmity and animosity” are hallmarks of today’s politics and a “cancer” that is threatening the nation’s civic health.

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