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Tag: poetry

Welcoming the Un-welcomed

A man came to a sage and asked, “How can I overcome my ego?”

POEM: The Eternal Maranatha

Trinitarian theology can never be grasped we can only allow ourselves to be grasped by the Great Mystery

Called to Compassion

We need not travel to distant lands to alleviate the suffering of the world

POEM: Wu-Wei

By Christi Ortiz   Ancient wisdom reminds us it is not in the doing, the best things in life you cannot force, like love, joy, peace, generosity, forgiveness, and lasting...

POEM: Tears, our Holy Water

The world needs us to cry more, to cry tears of repentance, tears of grief, tears of compassion,

Poem: Faith In or Faith out?

A spirituality that pulls me deeper and deeper into my self, further immersed in self absorption, is a wolf in sheep's clothing

Planting the Seed, a poem

The humus earth is ripe and soft awaiting my planting as if its spent these long winters months just waiting for this moment

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