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Creating Our Own Sacred Spaces

My church, like most, closed its doors in 2020 asking people to stay home and stay healthy. Without my weekly worship service, I worried that I might find myself drifting from the anchor that those special meetings give me. The opposite happened. My teenage son and I held our own Sunday service, complete with hymns, the sacrament and uplifting messages. It was a time never to be forgotten. We were more personally engaged in our worship. It was closer to our hearts and minds, and we felt the Lord was watching over us.

VIDEO: Coffee Talk on Building Dialogue, Hate & Violence

SpokaneFāVS hosted the Coffee Talk: ‘Building Dialogue for Justice in Response to Hate and Violence’.

UNDERSTANDING PRAYER: Finding Peace in the Pool

For me, being in the water is when I feel closest to God. Being in the water God created makes me feel at home, at peace and safe. It makes me feel like I have a connection to God and that I’m being heard.

Establishing Ties and Taming Peace

By Kimberly Burnham In Rhodian, a language spoken on Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece the word "ktílos" or "κτίλος" means peaceful, tame, docile,...

A Generous Peaceful New Year

s we move into a new year, let's consider what peace means to ourselves, to our friends and families, and our neighbors near and far.

POEM: Peace

May your kingdom come. May your peace reign in our hearts.

Soulless Nation, turn to the Bible

Right here in Spokane, we’ve already had incidents of racism and anti-Semitism. People are asking themselves how this happened, well, it happened because we have abandoned God and tried to fix things on our own.

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