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Holding On In the Letting Go In A Pandemic: What Is So

If giving up is not the answer, then perhaps it is to live this one and only life as never before. Choosing life is to accept all of life. With acceptance comes the release of one's imperfect self-reflected in the Creator’s image to the crucified and risen one.

Pandemic Past, Pandemic Present: Masks and Social Distancing

During the Influenza pandemic in 1918, congregations too had to contend with multiple waves of infections and be ready to respond quickly to changes in the spread of disease.

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Not Alone in Isolation

From your hospital bed, you reflect on the child you once were. When you had trouble falling asleep because of everything on your mind, you lay stretched out on your back under the covers.

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Dismantling the Lines

What shall we call such invisible states marking life’s transitional moments: dreamy to conscious, awake to asleep, Word to flesh, water to wine?

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Faith and Doubt

I came so close to understanding faith. Then a wave of doubt came crashing in, tossing me to-and-from on the sea.

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Bound and Free

It is hard to know when to let life’s moments unfold by accepting what is happening or when to take matters into your own hands and try to change the circumstances.

Holding on in the letting go in a pandemic: Nature’s Door

Things are going as planned until the blow of a diagnosis one day. Is uncertainty the only certainty?

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