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Our Lady of Lourdes honors Pulse shooting victims with prayer service

The Cathedral of Our Lady Lourdes held a prayer gathering on Monday to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting.

Sravasti Abbey releases statement about Orlando attacks, call for compassion, gun control

In an announcement this week Sravasti Abbey, the Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Newport, condemned the Orlando mass shooting and said responding with "Bigotry, discrimination, and angry retaliation" isn't an effective response.

Orlando: What to say when you don’t know what to say

When they write publicly about Orlando, my friends who are Muslim and/or LGBTQ make themselves vulnerable in a way I can’t really understand as a white, cisgender, heterosexual man.

Orlando — Making Sense of the Senseless

Yet, living in such a fallen world, we look to make sense of the senseless and we look to manage and pretend the darkness lying within the human spirit can be answered.

Cupich decries targeting of gays in Orlando attack

Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich has decried the apparent targeting of gays and lesbians in the Orlando nightclub massacre and called for greater efforts on gun control, the first senior U.S. Catholic churchman to identify a reason the victims were singled out and raise the controversial issue of access to weapons.

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