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In his own words: President Obama on faith

Over his two terms, President Obama addressed his personal faith in prayer breakfasts and holiday statements and cited people of faith — and of no faith — on other occasions.

Strive to finish the work

The press coverage about President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima divide into several camps. Some that saw it as morally wrong to apologize — although Obama never apologized.

Obama at last prayer breakfast: ‘We heal hatred with love’

President Obama hosted his last Easter Prayer Breakfast with Christian leaders, pausing to reflect on what he called a “bittersweet” occasion.

Obama denounces religious test for refugees: ‘That’s not who we are’

In some of his strongest remarks on the subject to date, President Barack Obama on Monday (Nov. 16) denounced calls for a religious test for refugees and immigrants, saying: “That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are.”

Poll: 29 percent still think Christian Obama is Muslim

Despite a Hawaii birth certificate and repeated professions of his Christian faith, fairly large numbers of Americans still believe President Obama is a Muslim born outside of the United States.

A tortured presidency

Seven years ago I set aside a platter of cynicism to caucus in my community for the candidate who eventually became the nation’s first black President.

Obama: No religion responsible for terrorism

President Obama said Thursday (Feb. 19) that he doesn’t use terms like Islamic extremism because doing so would promote the false idea of a Western war with Islam, which would help extremists recruit more terrorists.

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