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Save now, spend later?

Two articles highlight the ridiculous extremes of our focus on money.

Jesus: the Marketing Plan

Ernesto Tinajero warns the American church about greed and the love of money, the most prevalent sin in our society.

Money, Power and Success in This Cultural War

The truth is God’s abundance comes from the quality of relationships with God and others

Do you tithe?

According to Relevant Magazine, 5 percent of Americans tithe.

Why money is an impoverished metric of generosity

Generosity isn’t just about the money. Indeed, I would argue that it is increasingly apparent that giving can take many worthy forms other than writing checks.

“What we give our attention to most defines us”

What we give our attention to most defines us. What we give attention to defines our god.

The Bible Says: Is Money A Good Thing?

This Week’s Topic Is Money A Good Thing?

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