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Anam Cara Healing Center Gives the Gift of Mindfulness to Spokane this May

Anam Cara Healing Center will celebrate National Meditation Month with a free city-wide virtual meditation challenge from May 1 to 31.

Is Pop-Up Mindfulness Meditation a Thing? Indaba Coffee and Anam Cara Think So.

When most people think of pop-ups, they think of those clever pop-up books that delight children of all ages. Well, for the rest of April and into May, Indaba Coffee wants to broaden that definition. They invite people to experience mindfulness pop-ups, or mini, 30-minute workshops, that aim to bring more calm and clarity into their lives.

Why I Am a Buddhist

Because I write about faith, people often ask me what religion I am.  Sometimes I stumble over my answer. I admit I worry what people will think when I say “I’m a Buddhist.” It sounds so … trendy, which I am not. At the garden store Buddha’s statues have become as popular as St. Francis.

Where Do You Find Your Sacraments?

Who, what or where are those sacraments in my life? Can I identify the outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace that are manifest in my daily existence? How do they function to transform me and my interactions with the wider-world?

Taking a Risk for Love

I took a risk, and found the love I’ve been forever searching for. No doubt there will be more chances to take in the future, but now it’s us taking them and not just me and no matter the outcome, we have each other.

In All Activities, Be In Conscious Inner Harmony

If the sought-after flow does not arrive readymade, discover ways to generate it, ex nihilo, in the here and now

And breathe: an introduction to mindfulness

What is mindfulness? As I continue to explore this question for myself I’ve unearthed a few beautiful seeds that have been sown for generations, infused with spiritual significance and nurtured in the rich soil of the mind, of awareness and consciousness.

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