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Survey: Millennials are the ‘don’t judge generation’ on sexual morality

Most young adults of every religion, race and ethnicity support access to affordable contraception.

It’s Not the Nose Ring That Attracts the Millennials

The question was posed, "Millennials who are pastors: are you attracting other millennials, and how?"

Poll: Younger Christians less supportive of the death penalty

(RNS) One day after the state of Ohio executed a man for murder, a new poll shows younger Christians are not as supportive of the death penalty as older members of their faith.

Pew’s “Portrait” and Jewish millennials

Among my Jewish friends on Facebook, the Pew Research Center’s widely publicized sociological survey “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” is still generating discussion.

TODAY — Coffee Talk: Engaging Millennials

Join us for our next Coffee Talk tomorrow morning, where our panelists will discuss "Engaging Millennials."

It's no secret that millennials (those born from the 1980s and on) are not only leaving the Christian church, but are leaving religion altogether — and at a rapid pace.

Who will keep the candles burning? Millennials and the evolution of Judaism

According to Jewish Virtual Library, the world contains roughly 13.7 million Jews. An estimated 5.4 million of these live in the United States, making up just 1.74 percent of the country’s population. Even in the nation with the second-largest Jewish population (after Israel), we are a small minority. In light of this, the task of engaging millennials—- people who are currently 13 to 30 years old — can appear crucial to the very survival of Judaism.

POLL: Why are millennials are leaving the church?

We keep saying millennials are leaving the church, but before we start discussing why that is, let's take a look at the numbers prompting researchers to make such a claim.

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