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Prayer for Love

In these times of greed being celebrated as loving God and loving others, in these times in which abundant life has been interpreted as a life filled with stuff like sports cars and big screen TVs, I will sing of love and the Lord.

Marriage and the wayward heart of a spouse

Scripture is clear that love is a life shaking, shaping, framing reality that can open graves and lay waste the cosmos in recreative power.

Love is Beyond Self-Help Promises and Fantasies

Love differs. Love differs from what those self help guides promise.

Hunting Love

To be a Christian is to be a hunter of love. Love is what Jesus brought by being with us in the flesh.

In Love God’s Image Reflects Back

Love is one of the most proclaimed and abused words.

Jewish community presents weekend sessions on love

The Global Day of Jewish Learning, a weekend of Jewish study, will take place today through Sunday Temple Beth Shalom, 1322 E. 30th Ave.

The Image of Love at the Children’s Inn

When we love, we reflect the divine image within us.

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