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Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Dismantling the Lines

What shall we call such invisible states marking life’s transitional moments: dreamy to conscious, awake to asleep, Word to flesh, water to wine?

Ask An Atheist: Defining Life

Life as an organic replicator seems as good a shorthand one as any, though even if a particular organism is incapable of replicating (some defect in its biology) that wouldn't make it not alive, would it?

This Easter, give up control

We killed God out of our need for safety, control and power.

The moments that really do inspire awe

A generation or three ago, the word “awesome” meant something like “that which inspires awe.”

Where the Buffalo Roam

How often do we pass through life not knowing how we got here?

The doorways we encounter throughout a lifetime

Here as well are the doorways of age 20 and 40 and 70 and (should we live so long) of ninety and beyond. Here at the end, is the final doorway – or, at least, the final doorway that we are able to see.

Seeking spiritual advice? Father Knows Best can help

Each week the Rev. Martin Elfert, of The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, answers your questions about life, love and faith.

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