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Prioritize a Weekly “Sabbath” to Rest and Renew from Your Labors

This Labor Day Weekend, I’m committing to enjoying a “Sabbath” on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Labor Day celebrates earning a living, but remember what work really means

From her perspective, money does not solve the core problems of joblessness. Instead, work provides vital opportunities to live more fully by helping others.

Honoring the Labor Movement

The purpose of Labor Day was to honor the unions and labor movement in the United States.

Are you ‘poor’ yet?

Material need is just one aspect of poverty.

Today’s Coffee Talk on “Work Ethics”

The topic is "Work Ethics," in honor of Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day become a federal holiday in 1894 as a way to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers.

Christmas already?

And in the aisle next to the birthday cards I found exactly what I wasn't looking for. Christmas cards.

Happiness and Work Ethic on Labor Day?

Are you happy on Labor Day? Is it special because you have a day off, can sleep in, and invite friends for a barbeque?

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