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Ask A Jew: Are Jewish Dietary Laws Outdated?

Our Ask a Jew writer, Hyphen Parent, answers the question "Are Jewish dietary laws outdated?"

Kosher Asian Bistro Series, Step Two: Keeping Meat and Dairy Separate

Keeping kosher in Spokane isn't impossible but it does sometimes take some creativity.

Kosher Series: Creating a Kosher Asian Bistro in Spokane

Let's say you wanted to turn your restaurant, grocery store, or kitchen into a popular Kosher Asian Bistro, what would you have to do?

Ask A Jew: How many people keep kosher in Spokane/Eastern Washington?

One site that lists a breakdown of Spokanites by faith suggests that 0.17 percent of Spokane residents are Jewish.

Ask A Jew: Is it difficult to keep Kosher in Spokane?

Here in Spokane, you may walk past the teeny tiny strip of Kosher items available at some stores without even noticing.

Tzimmes, brisket, knish – Annual Kosher Dinner returns this weekend

Her specialty is the carrot tzimmes. First she browns the chopped onions — two 5 pound bags of them — with six cubes of pareve margarine, to keep it kosher.

Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Sinful St. Louis * Francis for Pope! * Mormon Doubts

Our pal Laurie Goodstein at the NYT profiles Mormons who go online searching for answers and end up finding doubt instead.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia makes the curious claim that unelected judges can lead to … the Holocaust?

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