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The Spokane Heat Wave: A wave of helping others

Let’s be honest. It has been hot out — pretty unbearable, in my opinion. Summer started with a massive heat wave in not only Spokane, but the Pacific Northwest. What I did not expect, however, was this wave of kindness I’ve been seeing in the Spokane community.

The Human Connection: Kindness and Interdependence

Humans have a deep capacity for kindness, particularly during trying times.

Kindness can be transformative

At George H.W. Bush’s funeral, President Trump did not join the congregation in saying the Apostles’ Creed. And one person after another responded with tweets accusing him of hypocrisy, of failing as a Christian.

Stemming the tide of hatred with kindness, and finding ‘life itself’

If we’re going to stem the tide of hatred and conflict, it’s not going to be through more hatred and conflict. It’s going to be through kindness.

What will I change?

I told her of my realization that if each person who walked, and each person who was touched in some way by the march, made one small change to bring our gift more wholly to life we would have global transformation.

Viewpoints: What act of kindness are you most thankful for?

This year we asked, "What act of kindness are you most thankful for?"

“Kindness can feel like it’s in short supply”

There is something about walking through the world in a generous way, in a loving way, in a compassionate way that makes everyone whom you meet a little bigger and a little freer.

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