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Synagogues forced to balance welcoming the stranger with protecting their own

In the aftermath of the ordeal and as antisemitic attacks are on the rise in the U.S., many security experts say protecting synagogue buildings and other Jewish institutions may mean reinterpreting the commandment — what Jews call the “mitzvah” — to welcome the stranger.

Bat Mitzvah Planning In A Pandemic

How do you have a bat mitzvah ceremony when you can’t even have 10 people in a room together?

Defying the New Nazis

In the days following the vandalism there was considerable teeth gnashing in Spokane, the usual “this is not us,” or “hopes and prayers,” and so on. But I doubt there is a Jew in our community who was surprised by the vandalism – or found much comfort in the expressions of sympathy and concern.

“Someday They Will Leave You No Choice”

So much of the political rhetoric this cycle is about restoring Christian values in the United States. But which Christian values?

Universal ethical truths are at the core of Jewish High Holy Days

What is the significance of these holy days for orthodox Jews, secular Jews and perhaps even for non-Jews?

Disagreements for the sake of heaven

From a Jewish perspective, agreeing to disagree is nothing new.

A Letter To Our Son on His Bar Mitzvah

Our son was called to the Torah for his bar mitzvah ceremony just weeks after the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburg. In the wake of that horror, we had to step back and decide what we did and didn’t want to do for his ceremony. We opted to continue as planned, although with a guard at the door. That event weighed heavily on my mind as I wrote this speech for his ceremony.

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