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Why Stories Matter

In the religious world, clergy folk work with what writers, psychologists and philosophers call “meta-narratives.” This is to say we speak of a large, eternal story in which our smaller, personal story resides.

Christian Girl Instagram Is More than a Meme

Christian Girl Instagram showcases the beauty of creation, the rise of religious microcelebrity culture and how Christian women wield their authority and influence in digital spaces within traditional gender roles.

Should White Christians Celebrate Juneteenth?

Sharing Juneteenth with people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds and united by a common faith is one of the most powerful ways to celebrate. 

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Hearing God's voice was both comfort and challenge, comforting to one so lonely, damaged and painfully aware of how stunted a person I was. Challenging in that what God said might not fit my own experience or expectation.

They Got Us

Super Bowl fever infected the nation once again, as more than 113 million folks tuned in to watch the organized chaos that is professional football. Fox News charged advertisers some $7 million to run 30-second ads. There were 51 national commercials, several much longer than 30 seconds. Reports say Fox raked in some $600 million, with at least another $2.5 million going toward production costs.

The Sunday the Christmas Tree Fell

My memory is fresh about the second Sunday of Advent, 1969. A young pastor, I was serving my first solo church appointment. Our congregation had decorated the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas, including a Christmas tree standing between the pulpit and the first row of pews.

Finding Peace after Tragedy

The killing of four students in off-campus housing in Moscow has been an unthinkable and heartbreaking tragedy. My heart goes out to the family and friends affected directly by this horrific crime. While the story continues to unfold in the news media, I have sought my Heavenly Father in prayer. I have pled for him to provide consolation to those deeply wounded and forever changed by this senseless act, especially the families of the victims

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