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ANALYSIS: Did Colorado Supreme Court Make Right Decision to Keep Trump Off State’s Ballot?

The Colorado opinion and the dissent together are a fascinating 212 pages of jurisprudence on some questions that have rarely been analyzed: What is insurrection? Who gets to decide if it has occurred? Is an elected president an “officer” under the meaning of the 14th Amendment?

Moms for Liberty: ‘Joyful warriors’ or anti-government conspiracists?

Lately, the mothers group dominating media attention is Moms for Liberty, self-described “joyful warriors … stok[ing] the fires of liberty” with the slogan “We Don’t Co-Parent with the Government.”

The Committee That No One Heard

It was a triumph for American democracy and the rule of law, albeit, in retrospect, Nixon’s crimes were pale, puny things compared to what we have seen from former President Trump.

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