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Ask an Atheist: How do you explain the precision of creation?

Those who want to invoke intention in physical processes are free to do so, but should not think that their "explanation" actually explains anything. If no universe has ever (or can ever) exist where gravity has some other value or properties than what it has, then fretting over intention there is no more helpful than asking why the designer would have made water molecules so they can form into icebergs that can sink Titanics.

Jimmy in the lions den, or: a merry weekend of intelligent design lectures, part 2

Now to the fun.  The Discovery Institute’s John West talked on “The Darwinian Challenge to Faith, Ethics, and Culture,” in which he characterized Darwinism as a block of militant atheists out to squash all opposition to their godless materialist agenda.  Along the way West happened to show some slides of “Darwin Day” celebrations where atheist sentiments were on hand to suggest that Darwin Day was really a secularist religious holiday.

Intelligent design is religion, not science

The NASA case involving David Coppedge has brought to light the issue of intelligent design again. Coppedge was a computer analyst and team...

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