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If Society is Sick, What Should We Do About It?

Human nature has so many magnificent ways of realizing itself and humans have seemingly endless capacities and options yet, our society is constructed in such away as to restrain nobler aspects, as if human nature is bound by unbreakable laws like physical nature.

Why all the talk about psychopaths and us vs. them!?

Individuals are certainly capable of evil. But individuals are capable of all sorts of things. Human nature has lots of ways of realizing itself, humans have lots of capacities and options.

Getting Through the Front Door of Progress

In the early days of civilization “Us vs. Them” mentalities greatly increased the odds of survival and significantly shaped human nature.

Astronaut George Taylor said it best, “It’s a Mad House!

If you are still having difficulty admitting to yourself that our society is truly ill, think Orlando.

Do psychopaths rule the world?

PATHOCRACY, cool word and it makes a great intro for part two of my exploration of human nature. I’m happy to say that despite my resistance I’ve ended up thankfully, looking at the subject thru a new frame of mind.

All together now — You can’t change human nature!

In nearly every discussion of social alternatives to market capitalism, defenders of the marketplace appeal to their ‘own’ conception of human nature as the final explanation of the predatory competitiveness of our age of waste and greed.

Human nature. Are we inherently good or bad?

It never occurred to me as a Christian that human beings are hardwired for compassion.

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