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Saturday, March 2, 2024

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“Every expression of anger is a cry for love”

I wondered if I had just been part of interrupting a hate crime...

Soulless Nation, turn to the Bible

Right here in Spokane, we’ve already had incidents of racism and anti-Semitism. People are asking themselves how this happened, well, it happened because we have abandoned God and tried to fix things on our own.

Love Trumps Hate

Perhaps we should be grateful to Trump Rather than be depressed, angry, or mystified

8 Questions to Debate or Deflate Hate

The cultural convergence of hate, horror and heritage has me sparring with the hard left and the hard right these days.

The hate that never left

To many, these seem like "isolated incidents" from fringe groups that don't warrant our attention, but to the communities being targeted, they are another reminder that hate lurks everywhere, and violence is only a neighbor away.

Former white supremacist sheds hate and embraces Christianity

Two years ago, Chris Simpson led a white pride march.

Six months ago, he abandoned the white supremacy movement.
On April 15, he was baptized.

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