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Ask an Evangelical: Do Evangelicals Believe in Scientific Evolution?

Do Evangelicals believe in scientific evolution or do they believe each and every species was individually created?

I Relate to the Contrary Son in the Passover Service

Midway through the eight-day Passover festival, dear friends invited my wife, me and a few others to their home for a simplified Passover Seder. Over the years I’ve been particularly attracted to the portion of the service in which we hear of four sons — one wise, one contrary, one simple and one who does not know how to ask questions.

Why capital punishment isn’t permissible

During my freshman year of college while around a group of my peers, I expressed an opinion about capital punishment that apparently wasn’t as common in mainstream Christianity as I’d previously imagined.

‘Noah’ film sparks debate over one of the world’s oldest and most beloved stories

NEW YORK (RNS) The biblical narrative of the flood is a touchstone in many religious circles, a story that's told and retold within Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Earth’s fiery travail

Both Genesis and the Enuma Elish describe the earth as being formed from out of  chaos and into order. The giant impact hypothesis of 1975 states that the moon is a byproduct of a massive impact of the earth and another giant body called Theia. It’s a crazy idea, but there’s actually some supporting evidence.

The 7 days of Genesis

Most theologians today consider the first chapter of Genesis to be a response to the Babylonian creation epic called the Enuma Elish. Both accounts are concerned with the conquest of order over chaos. The Enuma Elish begins with “When on high,” and Genesis begins similarly, although with a unique Hebrew spin, with “In the beginning.”

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