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Holy Trinity Church Hosts 87th Annual Greek Festival: Food, Tours and More!

Greek food, pastries and music are on the menu for the upcoming 87th Annual Greek Festival hosted by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, but those interested will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of the building and congregation that has been meeting since the 1920s.

Ask an Eastern Orthodox Christian: What Is Hell?

What can you tell me about hell, because I am a convert from the Baptist church where they taught that was a literal lake of fire?

Ask an Eastern Orthodox Christian: Do All Christians Go to Heaven?

This Ask an Eastern Orthodox Christian column answers the question: Do all Christians go to Heaven?

Meet Nick. Bible Enthusiast. Eastern Orthodox. Columnist.

During one of these Bible studies, someone suggested Damascus should attend one of the Coffee Talks hosted by SpokaneFāVS. He was moved by the diverse and interesting panelists, motivating him to get involved.

Sacred Texts: The Eastern Orthodox Church on Scripture

Scripture is the language of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In 2 Thessalonians 2:15, Saint Paul says, “Brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions (τας παραδόσεις) which you have been taught, whether by word (oral) or our epistle (written).” These holy traditions are defined as the living continuity of everlasting and unchanging boundaries, beliefs and practices as they were imparted and received from Christ and the apostles.

Repentance in the Eastern Orthodox Faith is a Way of Life

In the Eastern Orthodox Church (EOC), the Holy Mystery of Confession is a means whereby one can confess their sins and have them absolved.

Ask an Eastern Orthodox Christian: Can I disagree with the church on some issues?

Nicholas Damascus discusses the different church cannons that concern ritual purity and receiving the Eucharist.

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