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How God Showed Me He Cared Through A Hungry Cat

It was raining, like only Portland can pour — long, cold and dreary. My roommate had moved out because I had recommitted my life to Christ and the changes were a drag to him.

Yes, many times

Yes, many times. A prompting may come as I read Scripture, or it may come out of the blue in the form of...

Indaba Coffee, Post-it Note faith, and Mormon missions

On Tuesday the writers of this website got a little blogging How-to class from our editor. We were at  Indaba Coffee, a really charming establishment that shares its space with a non-profit bookstore and supports local artists.

When ceremony stinks, liturgy is fragrant

In recent days, world leaders have gathered in hopes of crafting a more peaceful future. As these members of NATO met in Chicago, others who doubted their ability or will to truly commit to peace also gathered to protest.

Weight of words and actions

Over coffee in a local spot, a non-church going community member asked me if I’d seen the recent hate-filled preaching of one Pastor Charles L. Worley in North Carolina. I had to “confess” that I had (up to that point) chosen not to watch and listen to him, but I’d heard enough and read numerous Facebook comments from others.

Sharing the Dharma Day introduces meditation

"Meditation," an often misunderstood Buddhist practice, is the topic of the June 3 Sharing the Dharma Day at Sravasti Abbey, the Buddhist monastery near Newport.

When the question of Hell gets in the way

The most revealing vision of Hell in art for me comes from an atheist. J P Sartre’s play, "Huis Clois" or "No Exit" premiered in May of 1944 just before the liberation of Paris.

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