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Ask an Evangelical: Do Evangelicals Believe in Scientific Evolution?

Do Evangelicals believe in scientific evolution or do they believe each and every species was individually created?

Caring for Our Mental Health Is Caring for God’s Creation

Mental health is a subject that faces a lot of stigma and shame in society. Addressing it and seeking support involves being vulnerable and open about what's going on in our minds, which is not easy to do. However, learning to care for our mental health is part of caring for God's Creation.

Can Shared Understanding Lead to a Better World?

Creation myths reflect shared understanding of Earth’s natural bounties when people recognized their dependence on their surroundings.

The Oneness of God, Source of all Creation

Belief in the unknowable reflects a yearning common throughout humanity before history began.

We Must Be Partners With Creation

Everywhere we look, from majestic mountains or sunsets to the tiniest stamen in a flower, we need to be increasingly aware of how our world is nourished by every living organism around us.

The Musings of Creation Before the Fall

I have often wondered what the condition of mankind was before the fall. What were his needs or desires, if any? What was his focus?

Vote Yes on The Laudato Si Initiative

As a Catholic, my religious values call me to be a strong supporter of Initiative 1631, the “Clean Air, Clean Energy” measure on November’s ballot.

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