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Two US Congressional Bills Condemn Baha’i State-Sponsored Persecution in Iran

State-sponsored persecution of Baha'is in Iran inspire two new bills in Congress.

7 ways religious affiliation will (and won’t) change in the new Congress

Republicans will take full control of Capitol Hill when the 114th Congress is sworn in on Tuesday (Jan. 6), but even with a political shift, there will be little change in the overall religious makeup of Congress, according to a new analysis from the Pew Research Center.

Secular Coalition flunks most members of Congress on church-state report card

(RNS) More than half of lawmakers received F's on church-state issues in a report card issued by the Secular Coalition of America.

VIEWPOINTS RESPONSE: Congress should remember the past

The Preamble to the Constitution provides one way of answering this question as to the moral duty of Congress to the American people.

There is a non-violent solution

The 12th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and our country is on the brink of taking military action against Syria. It makes me wonder if the powers that be (Obama, Kerry, Congress) ever think about responding to evil in the world without using violence.

In the spring, my small group bible study completed a DVD study called “Jesus, Bombs & Ice Cream.”

INTERACTIVE MAP: See the religious affiliations of WA’s Congress members

This map of the religious affiliations of Washington State's Congressional representatives was compiled on Google's Fusion Tables by Andrew T. Gibson, an online editor of Columbia Faith & Values.

New Congress more religiously diverse, less Protestant

Three Buddhists, a Hindu and a “none” will walk into the 113th Congress, and it’s no joke. Rather, it’s a series of “firsts” that reflect the growing religious diversity of the country.

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