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With Hope, I Pray for a King Solomon!

Why do we see that the deaths of Ukrainians are more painful, more felt, than the deaths of Palestinians? We should feel for both as both are equally human beings made of flesh and blood.

When the Bible doesn’t make sense

Kristin Swenson wants to give readers space to understand that the Bible is weird, and a box full of tools to deal with that weirdness.

Satire: Local Pastor Tells Congregation that Lack of Oxford Comma Makes “The Shack” Total Heresy

In this healthy dose of satire by Corbin Croy, a pastor claims that the oxford comma existed before all creation and that its removal is an offense to the Godhead Himself.

Christians Were 2016’s Most Persecuted Religious Group

Nearly 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2016, equivalent to one every six minutes, according to a new study by the Italy-based Center for Studies on New Religions (Censur).

By failing to define who they are, Christians let the courts do it for them

Spark Networks, which owns Christian Mingle, the online dating website, will pay a fine and rejigger the site within two years to accommodate gays after a California state judge recently ruled CM violates state civil rights law by restricting matches to straights.

Birth, Belief, and Rules: Connecting or Dividing Us?

Jews and Christians are different and one way to understand each other is to ask questions. Sometimes, said Levine, we think, "yes, but shouldn't we already know this" and then we make stuff up because we think we understand it.

Lose It, Find It, Celebrate, and Eat

On finding ways to create and celebrate Christian-Jewish relations, Levine said, "We must agree to disagree on fundamental issues and agree to agree on even more fundamental issues."

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