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After Pandemic Hiatus, Journey to Bethlehem Returns to Spokane

In past years, people have come by the thousands to see a live action performance of Journey to Bethlehem on Spokane’s South Hill and organizers are hoping that people return this year after a two-year hiatus forced by the pandemic.

What Depression Looks Like for this Christian

I’ve had a lot more practice at coping and problem solving than I’ve had at trusting anyone, God included. So I suffer from depression, and I may suffer for the rest of my life. The suffering comes from a lack of trust and searching in vain for ways to be self-sufficient.

My New Year’s Resolution: Go to Hell. Heal the Country.

Rereading Twain helped me realize that there is a way to reclaim not only my faith but my patriotism in these unstable times. We need healing. Healing for me is spiritual. So here I am. A Christian. Who wants you to go to hell.

Lessons From the Classroom of Life

As a Christian, I believe that loving my neighbor is a command from God, so why, after more than 40 years of being a follower of Jesus, do I sometimes feel like I’m still a freshman at the University of Love and Good Deeds?

Born Again: An Act of Grace

I’m concerned about the spirituality of the ‘Christian’ community because I rarely hear a description of being ‘born again’ accurately describing what I’ve come to believe the Bible teaches about Christianity, and it occurred again recently when I read a line from Mitch Finley’s recent ‘Ask a Catholic’ article; "Are Catholics Born Again."

It’s a Wonderful Grace

As a Christian, justice, mercy and grace are significant parts of my spirituality but they are also concepts familiar to many in our culture. Justice delivers what we deserve while mercy keeps what is due at bay. Grace is off the charts compared to both; it freely provides the good we don’t merit.

I’m As Bad As They Are

A musician reminds me how easily I forget that I am Christian.

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