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People of faith should vote their values. They should be poll workers to save democracy.

Just as churches offer their facilities as polling places, religious believers should step up and become poll workers. They should do it with a firm conviction that discrimination, lying and stealing are sins in any circumstances, and making it difficult for some people to vote, stealing votes and lying about election results are especially serious sins.

The Catholic Call To Work Toward The Common Good

A central paradox of the Catholic faith holds that the quality of our spiritual lives entwines with the physical and emotional welfare of others. Our salvation may be through Jesus Christ, but our relationships to our fellow humans texture our faith.

Catholic Parishes Invite Community to Prayerful Witness Event for Immigrants

On Saturday, Oct. 12, from 1-3 p.m., the St. Ann and St. Aloysius Immigration Committee invites the community to their event, “Prayerful Witness: Walking in Solidarity with Immigrants.”

Ask A Catholic: Mortal Sin

Granted that a mortal sin is possible, however, no sin is beyond forgiveness when a person is genuinely sorry and resolved to never repeat the sinful action again.

What went up in flames?

The fire at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed artworks but created an opportunity.

Lenten Sacrifice

God asked me to make a sacrifice for Lent. Sacrifice also means something to Catholics, although, for most of us, it's usually fodder for comedians.

Local author publishes book on praying the Rosary

He later converted to Catholicism and went on to write more than 30 books about the faith, including “The Rosary Handbook,” which was recently updated and re-published by The Word Among Us Press.

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