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Inland Northwest Author and Buddhist Nun Ven. Thubten Chodron Completes 10th Book with the Dalai Lama

“Appearing and Empty,” is the ninth volume in The Library of Wisdom and Compassion series the Dalai Lama has co-written with Sravasti Abbey founder and abbess Ven. Thubten Chodron.

Why the Buddhist Precept ‘Abstaining from Taking Life’ Resonates with Me

The Buddha taught we should show compassion to all sentient beings, not just humans. Initially it reminded me of the biblical commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” which tended to focus solely on not killing human beings. Buddhism too, says not to murder, but breaks it down further, explaining that protecting human life is only possible by also protecting anything that lives.

Japanese Zen Buddhists Cheered Attack on Pearl Harbor, Making Dec. 7 a Holiday

It is painful to think that so many Buddhists, following a religious leader as opposed to war as Jesus Christ, cheered the attack on Pearl Harbor 81 years ago, but, sadly, it is true. Zen Buddhist priest Hata Esho declared, “It is exceedingly wonderful that in 1941 we were able to make this very day (Dec. 7) a holy day for eternally commemorating the reconstruction of the world.”

Ask A Buddhist: Suicide and those left behind

The greatest gift you can give to your children is to model how to move through the pain and difficulties that come with living.

Ask a Buddhist: Am I a Buddhist?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that you can use any of the Buddha’s teachings that help you in your life without becoming “Buddhist” or adopting the Buddhist worldview.

Ask A Buddhist: Do you meditate, how?

The answer to your first question is easy: Yes, I meditate every day at least one hour, and I study Buddhism daily too.

Reactions to the Navy Yard Shooting and Aaron Alexis’ Buddhist background

A killer Buddhist? It doesn’t seem to make theological sense. Consider the mentally troubled Aaron Alexis, who police say killed 12 at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., on Monday.

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