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Sacred Texts: The Book of Mormon, Keystone of My Religion

Sacred Texts: The Book of Mormon, Keystone of My Religion Editor’s Note: FāVS has launched a new series on Sacred Texts. In most religious traditions...

Rare Mormon documents go on display for 1st time

For the first time ever, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has assembled some of its most treasured historical documents into a single exhibit and is inviting the public to view them.

Why the Book of Mormon is worth seeing, and why I’m disappointed with local Mormon response

On Saturday, Mormons in the Spokane region were encouraged to flood social media with pictures, stories, and scriptures about our faith’s missionary work.

Book of Mormon coming to Spokane in August

Called "the best musical of this century" by The New York Times, the show tells the story of two optimistic and naive young Mormon missionaries sent to a remote village in northern Uganda, where a brutal warlord is threatening the local population.

God never plays favorites

Absolutely not. See Acts 10:28, 34-35.

Ask A Mormon: Do Mormons face more pressure than other Christians?

Do you feel like you, as a member of the LDS church, are under more pressure to defend (or maybe 'contextualize' is the word) The Book of Mormon than other Christians are under to defend the Bible? I feel like there's a broad spectrum of perspectives on the Bible, among people I talk to, from 'it's a nice book with some good advice in it' all the way up to 'this is the factual and inarguable word of God', but I've got the sense from Mormon friends that this kind of discussion is less welcome in LDS circles. Do you agree? Do you think it's foundational to Mormon faith that Smith's accounts be taken as fact?

Ehrman’s lecture a reminder that God can use flawed Scriptures

Bart Ehrman’s lecture last Thursday, “Misquoting Jesus: Scribes Who Changed the Scriptures and Readers Who May Never Know,” provided fascinating details on exactly how and why there are mistakes in the Bible (as does his book “Misquoting Jesus” which I recently reviewed on my blog).

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