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Can prayer be a powerful force for good?

Can prayer be a powerful force for good? Explore the role of prayer from a Christian Science perspective in promoting peace, progress and healing in the world.

Is God a freethinker?

Debating the compatibility of free thinking and religious belief. Is it possible to believe in God and still be a free thinker?

Ask an Evangelical: How do people deal with a crisis of faith?

Navigating a crisis of faith from "Ask an Evangelical": Explore how people can deal with doubts and find answers in times of uncertainty.

DEI programs under fire: Advocates turn to Bible for defense

Defending DEI programs: Discover how the Bible defends diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives in society.

Spokane Church Creates Inclusive Space for Those with Disabilities and Sensory Issues

At Fowler United Methodist Church, the Rev. René Devantier, has created a space to welcome all people regardless of their abilities or disabilities. For him, he wants to make sure that nobody walks in and says they don’t feel welcomed.

Ask an EOC: How Can I Stop Blasphemous Thoughts?

If we nurture blasphemous thoughts of evil and worldly passions of pride, greed, lust, jealousy, gluttony, covetousness and sometimes anger, we destroy that inner peace. Our lives become chaotic and in disarray, and, more importantly, we lose control.

Interview With Author Kaitlyn Schiess Of ‘The Ballot And The Bible’

Author Kaitlyn Schiess wrote “The Ballot and The Bible: How Scripture Has Been Used and Abused in American Politics and Where We Go From Here” to address how the Bible has been employed in the United States’ political discourse. Schiess addresses what she sees as proper uses and misuses of the Bible when we talk about politics.

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