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62 Years into Our Marriage, and We’re Still Holding Hands

“There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. Every marriage has problems. A good marriage is one that faces, addresses and solves those problems through loving consultation with each other.”

Yet Again, Iran Persecutes Its Baha’i Minority

The latest example of Iran’s ongoing Baha’i  persecutions was described in yesterday’s New York Times as “a sweeping crackdown on its Baha’i community, a long-persecuted religious minority.” According to residents, rights groups, and the government itself, “dozens of people” have been arrested, and Baha’i properties have been destroyed.

An Ever-Advancing Civilization

Religious practices are based on man’s imperfect understanding of observations about what a messenger of God said or did, tales changed in the telling over generations throughout millennia.

We All Live Together. One Planet. One People, Please.

Although far from perfect, the UN has succeeded in raising, across multiple fronts, widespread recognition that humankind shares a common home.

Ask A Bahai: Who do you worship?

Bahá’ís believe that there is just one God who is the one Being who has always been and will always be, who created all of existence, who is supremely powerful, who is always gracious and merciful, and who created each human being out of love to truly love and be loved

Ask A Baha’i: Observing Holy Days

As a religion that believes in unity between religions, celebrating the various religions as deriving from the same Source as “rays of one Light,” one may wonder if Baha’is celebrate all the holidays of the world religions.

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