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Changes Are Happening at FāVS and It’s a Good Thing

Last week, the FāVS News board voted to name me managing editor, responsible for assigning and editing our news report, and also hiring and training additional staff. I had served on the board for more than two years, but now leave to take this position. The fact board members voted unanimously for my appointment is a singular honor and I am grateful.

When Your Landmarks Pass

My old landmarks are fading, the people who built them disappearing. That happens to all of us as we age. I have known this intuitively. But now I am experiencing it. And it is unsettling.

The Evil in this World: The Evil Men Do

There is evil in this world. I have seen it. And I have experienced it.

Sacred Texts: I Have No Sacred Texts

There are no sacred texts in my life. As I have written here before, I am an atheist. I do not believe in God.

Ask An Atheist: Does it Take Faith to be an Atheist?

Not only does it not require "faith" to be an atheist, that aspect should play no role whatsoever in being an atheist

Ask An Atheist: Did Jesus Christ Exist?

That's an easy one (for me at least): yes, at least the Jesus part.

Ask An Atheist: Reincarnation

Can an atheist believe in reincarnation?

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