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Ask An Atheist: Where did human beings come from?

The science end of it is clear enough: our species appeared several hundred thousand years ago in Africa, one of several hominid species of that period, including our ancestral branch Homo erectus, the first of our genus to venture outside Africa.

Ask An Atheist: Does it Take Faith to be an Atheist?

Not only does it not require "faith" to be an atheist, that aspect should play no role whatsoever in being an atheist

Ask An Atheist: A Strictly Negative Position?

In a philosophical sense atheism is at ground a rejection of supernatural entities as informative principles

Ask an Atheist: Ever hesitant to announce your atheism?

I wasn't prone to proselytizing the fact I was an atheist.

Ask An Atheist: Better Without Religion?

Religions can inspire philanthropy and great art, or heretic hunting and ignorance.

Ask An Atheist: A Loving God?

If the god(s) are moral and nice, why do they allow things that aren't moral or nice?

FāVS Expands “Ask” series with Hindu and Quaker column

SpokaneFāVS is pleased to announce the addition of "Ask A Quaker" and "Ask A Hindu" to its popular Ask series.

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