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Faith and Film – Disconnecting

Like many Americans, I am guilty of having more TVs in my house than I really need and I also confess to spend more hours looking at my iPhone than I probably should.

POLL: How do you rate your level of technological reverence?

More people are fiddling with their smartphones or tablets in church.

Steve Jobs: Prophet of a new religion

The new movie about Steve Jobs is short on anything explicitly religious. Like its main character, however, it’s got a thread of transcendence running through it.

The truth about Jobs and religion may be that, in this arena as in others, he was ahead of the cutting edge.

Oban Festival

Oban Festival at the Spokane Buddhist Temple.

What Fox News. Vs. Reza Aslan is really about (hint: not just Fox News’ idiocy)

It seems like the whole world is talking about Reza Aslan’s new book (Zealot), largely thanks to Fox News’ interview with him in which the host, Lauren Green, could not get over the fact that a scholar (who’s Muslim) would write a book on Jesus.

The story has gone viral.

Rolling Stone, terrorism and salvation

I don't think Rolling Stone needed to choose a rock star glamor shot of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the cover of an issue devoted to helping us understand "the complexities of the issue" of the terrorist's life.

BRIEF: Organ recital to feature “contemporary and beloved works”

Wrapping up MusicFest NW, the 2013 Organ Adjudicator, Mark Brombaugh, will present a concert at St. John’s Cathedral at 4 p.m. May 19 as part of the cathedral’s Mostly Second Sunday Concert Series.

While his program includes works by Bach, Dupre, de Grigny, Scheidemann and Percy Whitlock...

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