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Indigenous people invented the so-called ‘American Dream’

On Indigenous Peoples Day, it’s worth underscoring something that many archaeologists know: Many of the values that inspire the American Dream – liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness – date back to well before the creation of the U.S.-Mexico border and before freedom-seeking Pilgrim immigrants arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Who’s American Dream? Thoughts on the inauguration

As I live streamed the inauguration, I was immediately struck by the weight of such a public ritual, of its symbolism and significance.

Donald Trump’s Victory and America’s Gospel of Success

We have by now heard a litany of reasons why so many voters chose Donald Trump for president. Without discounting any of these helpful explanations, I would like to suggest another factor that accounts for Trump’s appeal to so many U.S. voters. Trump succeeded, in part, because he tapped into the most dominant thread of American religion. The most powerful religion in America is America itself.

BRIEF: Special screening of “American Winter” coming to Spokane

For countless middle-class families who have experienced job loss or an unexpected financial setback, the American dream has become an American nightmare.

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