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Gun Violence Is another Case of the Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Every time our children (and others) are sacrificed to the gun, as they were in the March 27 shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School, we afterward hear that it was a “senseless tragedy.” Far from it. Given our gun worship and their wide availability, deaths through gun violence unfortunately make perfect sense.

The America That Never Was

There are forces at work in this country using everything in their power to return us to the America that never existed, to the America of Beaver Cleaver and Andy Griffith.

Capitol Riot: It’s Not Who We Are

We, participants in one of the world’s great democracies, were engulfed in chaos, violence and disregard for our sacred foundational principles and values. It is not who we are supposed to be.

American exceptionalism needs a reboot

On the Fourth of July we celebrate the United States as an exceptional country — at least, we used to.

Happy Birthday America, we can do better

As the first words of the Constitution indicate, this country is "We the People." Because I love my country, I want us to be better.

Who’s American Dream? Thoughts on the inauguration

As I live streamed the inauguration, I was immediately struck by the weight of such a public ritual, of its symbolism and significance.

Is America Possible?

Today, I know people from all sides of the political spectrum and from many different faiths. In this heated election season, it's been quite tempting to take sides and write off people as racist or sexist, but my own history won't let me do that so easily.

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