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How to Know You’re Getting Older

A lot of people don’t like to talk about aging and particularly the way it ends in death. I view aging as an arc, a beautiful rainbow (sometimes double, if I’m lucky), from horizon to horizon, a full arc across the sky, bringing beauty and hope.

The Afterlife: One World at a Time

The concept of a heavenly afterlife for the faithful (and a hellish one for their persecutors) seems to have become appealing in Judaism during a time of great persecution: if faithfulness was not rewarded on earth, then it would be later by a just God.

Ask A Quaker: Heaven and Hell

Many Quakers speak of both heaven and hell as potential afterlife destinations, with heaven or some positive afterlife in the presence of God being far more commonly referred to in Quaker circles than hell.

My Contingency Plan for Death

This very well could be it—that when we died, it was over.

A Letter for Barbara

Remember: Human beings need to be careful what we worship. Because we will worship something.

Ask An Atheist: Will I see my loved ones again?

All should cherish their loved ones while still alive, lest this be your only chance to do so.

Ask An Atheist: What happens after death?

All the atheists I know of don't believe in afterlives either, but I'm not aware of surveys on this insofar as nonbelievers are concerned generally.

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