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Ask an Evangelical: Do Evangelicals Believe in Scientific Evolution?

Do Evangelicals believe in scientific evolution or do they believe each and every species was individually created?

Lonely Men Make for Weak Men Despite What They Can Deadlift

Many men today are in trouble, as they are experiencing higher rates of drug addiction, suicides and deaths from despair. Many commentators, social media influencers and, even, government officials have proposed solutions to what they call the crisis of masculinity.

The Musings of Creation Before the Fall

I have often wondered what the condition of mankind was before the fall. What were his needs or desires, if any? What was his focus?

In Defense of a Literal Bible Interpretation Part 3: The Literal Interpretation of Adam and Eve

I take, by faith, the story of Adam and Eve as something that literally happened in the past. I understand this goes against much of what is taught in science classes today, but I believe my faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God demands this of me.

Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: Ancestral Sin

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, it is a teaching that no one is guilty of the original sin that Adam and Eve committed.

Ask A Catholic: Adam and Eve’s Nakedness

The story of the Fall in the Book of Genesis was never intended to be taken literally, the physical nudity of Adam and Eve likewise should not be the focus when one reads about it.

Ask A Catholic: What do Catholics believed existed before Adam and Eve?

What the church has yet to define infallibly, however, is when the universe was created. So, technically, Catholics can be “Creationists” and believe the universe was created 6,000 years ago in six 24-hour days, or believe the universe was created 13 billion years ago at the Big Bang, just as long as they ascribe to the belief that God created the universe out of nothing and willed all creation into existence one way or the other.

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