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Can Drug-Addicted Women Have Healthy Babies? This San Juan Island Woman Says Yes.

Underneath that capable exterior is a woman who was a drug addict by her late teens. By the time she was 21, she was facing prison — and pregnant. Pressured on all sides to end the pregnancy and told that drug-addicted women couldn’t have healthy babies, she aborted the child.

Abortion was no dud for Democrats

Whichever party the midterm election ends up putting in charge of the U.S. Senate and House, the failure of a widely predicted red wave to overwhelm Democrats was thanks in no small measure to abortion.

Idaho’s Race to Bottom Continues

In Idaho's handling of public education at all levels, the state has been racing to the bottom for years. Financial support is continuing to decline, the legislature, dominated by nutjob Republicans, is convinced education at all levels exists to indoctrinate students in left-wing and woke ideology.

Advocacy Organization Says U of I Policy on Abortion Speech Violates Law

The University of Idaho has told its employees that they are not allowed to promote or advocate for abortion and if they do, they could be charged with a crime and fired. The new policy has attracted the attention of many, including an organization dedicated to advocating for the First Amendment.

The Leak

Most American women, born in the post-Roe world, will now face a reality that sent their mothers and grandmothers to illegal abortion providers before the 1973 court decision.

Two Jesus Followers Who Are Worlds Apart Choose to Speak for Sanctity of Life Despite COVID Restrictions

They do share something in common that has also been the theme of sermons and homilies in some Spokane Christian services over the weekend: the belief that every human life is sacred, from womb to tomb

The Abortion Case: Is Precedent a Faith and Values Issue?

Monday’s Supreme Court abortion case, June Medical Services v Russo, turned on a different issue: precedent. Is precedent also a faith and values issue?

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