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By Ernesto Tinajero

Spring brings new life and a deepening sense of wonder and awe at God’s creation. For those in Spokane, it also brings the Spokane Guilds School Penny Drive.

I have found that supporting the Spokane Guild School is more than a way of saying thank you for all they have done for our community, and especially my family and son, but a deep form of prayer. Jesus, on the night before he was executed on the cross, laid down the foundation for following him.

When we love one another, we find that we are fully alive. Every time my family has help, as we will again this weekend (at the corner of Sullivan and Sprague) we have found that Spokane open its heart and supports the children of the Guild School. I understand the way of Jesus, the way of love, and know that it is the most powerful way.  Come by with your pennies and regardless of your beliefs, know that here you can experience love in the eyes of the volunteers, the young people engaged and in the very lives of the kids the Guild School has helped.

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Ernesto Tinajero
Ernesto Tinajero
Art, says Ernesto Tinajero, comes from the border of what has come before and what is coming next. Tinajero uses his experience studying poetry and theology to write about the intersecting borders of art, poetry and religion.

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